Home Ovens

Fast Meals for Late Nights

When I was pregnant with my son, I was always hungry. My husband could not believe it when I told him that I was hungry only an hour after a heavy lunch.

And then there were also the midnight snacks, which I had my husband make me. These midnight snacks got so frequent that he decided to look through some toaster oven reviews to see if it was worth it to buy one just to make me snacks.

And yes, you guessed it, he did go out and bought one. And whenever I wanted some snacks or food, he would not be so grouchy anymore. All he does is pop some leftover food from dinner into the toaster oven and heat it up for me.

I get my snacks almost right away and he did not need to slave over the stove to make me the food. That makes us a happy couple.

Now that we are parents, we still make full use of the toaster oven, especially when our hands are tied up with the baby.

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Diamond Studded Microwave

There are times that we would like to think that price does not guarantee quality, but from what I gather in microwave reviews, microwaves seem to be a different story altogether.

I can't say for sure if the most expensive microwave is the best microwave, but a microwave that not only heats but has the option to soften, melt, and defrost sounds pretty appealing to the discerning cook in me. Toss in an option to 'keep warm' and you've got me interested enough to recalculate my savings.

When I was in the UK, I did not realize how much the climate could affect defrosting and I was often left with frozen blocks of meat that were just not showing any signs of coming apart.

Besides, the whole idea of microwaves being unhealthy often deterred me from using it merely to defrost. However if a microwave can be finely tuned to soften, melt, keep warm and perhaps even steam, we may have a winner.